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All inquiries by mail (not E-mail) and fax will be responded to within 1 business day.

By Mail:

5740 Meadowhaven Drive
Plano, TX 75093

By Phone:

Local: (469) 579-4320
Toll-Free: (800) 594-7345
Fax: (469) 579-4362

Phone Hours are 10:00am CST to 4pm CST, Tuesday through Thursday.

Please include contact information on all faxes.

By E-Mail:

Our email policy:

Emails have become a way of life for much of our society, including many businesses. Unfortunately, emails have also considerable amount of privacy issues and are a primary source of identity theft. Tax preparation businesses deal with the most private and comprehensive client information possible, and so are a prime target of hackers and a data theft source. The I.R.S. and state agencies that deal in citizens’ private information, have very strict rules and policies in place concerning the use of emails.

Our business, THE TAX PROFESSIONAL, complies with all these strong privacy policies to afford our customers the most protection against identity theft and other privacy issues. While we try to be as accommodating to our clients as possible, we have several specific email policy points that apply at all times.

  1. DO NOT send us any emails we have not specifically requested. In certain cases, and with specific precautions, we will request information via email, and give instructions to minimize data exposure.
  1. E-mails are checked at least once a day, during business hours, and unsolicited e-mails have little to no priority in our office.
  1. If you have tax questions, Call the office. Most, if not all, tax question requires more information to be properly answered. Phone calls will provide answers faster and with greater accuracy than email.
  1. If you get the answering machine, clearly state your name, the number you wished to be called back at, and the nature of your question. We will respond within 24 business hours.
  1. If you are an over sea’s client, please notify us and we will provide the E-mail guidelines we use for over sea’s clients.
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