Won’t it be a problem if we don’t meet face to face to prepare my return?

Continuity of service and relationship is a concern to many taxpayers. However, experience has shown that by-mail returns can actually strengthen the client-preparer ties. And if a taxpayer plans to move out of state this year, several tax preparation options are available.

  1. The taxpayer, wanting uninterrupted service from someone who is familiar with his/her financial matters, can choose to have the preparer at the old location do the return by mail; or
  2. The taxpayers can locate a new tax preparer.

By choosing option (2), the taxpayer must hope to find a reliable tax professional at the new location. It can be done, but has the disadvantage of the new contact person not having access to the taxpayer’s past records and history. On the other hand, with option (1), the taxpayer can maintain former ties and access to prior year records. Most of all, the taxpayer will be able to maintain service with someone known and trusted.

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