Frequently Asked Questions

The Organizer

Where do I put my W-2 information?

List the name(s) of your employer(s) on Page 2. Follow this same procedure if you have retirement income. List the name of the payer from the 1099-R on Page 2.

What are the most important documents to include?

We must have copies of all items marked W-2 and 1099 (-R, -INT, -DIV, -MISC). Check to make sure ALL W-2s are included.

Do I have to fill out all of the information requested in the organizer?

No. However, it is vital that Page 1 (General Information) and Page 4 (Basic Taxpayer Information) be completed & checked for accuracy. Please make sure we have the correct name and SSN of your dependent children, and ORG 60 State Information (including your state of residence and home of record). It is important you complete and thoroughly check these pages of the organizer, especially for any changes that might reduce your tax liability.

I bought/sold a home this year. What info do you need?

We will need a copy of your settlement statement, also known as HUD1. (Just providing the figures will not be enough; we must have the documentation.) We will also need a copy of the 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement that your lender will send you.

I am an independent contractor/own my own business. What forms do I need to fill out?

If you are an independent contractor or own your own business, you will need to fill out ORG 19. In addition, complete ORG 18 if you have car and/or truck expenses associated with this business. If you have an office in your home, complete ORG 20.

I sold some of my stocks this year. What information do you need?

If you sold, swapped, traded, or exchanged any stocks, bonds, mutual funds or unimproved property, you will need to send the 1099B and the cost and date of your acquisition (Basis).

Where do I record information specific to my estimated payments, IRA/Pension plan contributions, education expenses, church and charitable contributions, medical expenses, dependant child care, and rental property?

The information should be recorded on the following pages:

  • Estimated payments – Page 4
  • IRA/pension plan contributions – Page 2
  • Education expenses – Page 1
  • Church & charitable donations – Page 3 (non cash contributions require a receipt)
  • Medical expenses – Page 3
  • Rental Property – ORG 25
  • Dependent child care – Page 1, (We will need the provider’s name, address, SSN & amount paid.)

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